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My defense against Jewish accusations:

Before I begin my defense, I find that it is my duty to explain to the highest Brazilian instances ,that when the German army battalions departed , 2/3 of Latvian people strived to leave their homeland in order to save only their lives.

Highways and roads were full of refuges , who were carrying what ever they could take with them. Some escaped by horse drawn carriages, they all hoped to reach Riga , Liepaja or Ventspils ports .Thanks to highest German command, refugees were able to board ships in which army materials were shipped , valuable Latvian goods , which were stolen, herds of animals , injured army troops and refugees.

Roads were blockaded by the red army .Russian airplanes, called “Stukas” were flying low and bombarding highways and roads and even the Baltic Sea .Many ships were sunk, some with thousands of people , the lucky ones reached the port of Danzig (also called Gdina), which also was bombarded without mercy by Allies , also other cities of renown , not to mention Berlin, Hamburg and others.

In Dresden alone thousands of Latvian refugees lost their lives.

Because of approaching Soviet army, more and more Latvians began to flee and when war ended , refugees were gathered into Displaces Persons camps and those who were left over from the Latvian army were placed in prisoners of war camps.

One could count refugees by the thousand and that caused the Allies severe problems. The Allies strived to return people to lands where they came from, but refugees who came from lands which were occupied by Soviet rulers, refused to return, because that would mean death, new tortures or in best case forced labor in Siberia.

When Soviet representatives arrived at the refugee camps, whey were greeted with whistles, cursed and no refugees agreed to return of free will. Refugees continued living in camps, because Allies did not have the means to accept this massive number of people, who wished to leave Germany, and settle in any peaceful a country ,to begin a new life .Therefore it is no wonder that one can find Latvians in all five continents.

But Soviet Russians were not pacified. A secret order from Moskow was given to gather all refugees ,especially Latvians from all over the world.

“ Latvian Jewish Relations “ pages 35 and 36 read:
“Therefore,it is more than striking that just lately the latvian nation hás been accused by certain jewish persons of being responsible for the massacres of the jews in Latvia.Latvians displaced persons in Germany had been called “Nazis” or “Facists”,Latvian DP camps-hindingplaces for “Thousands of jew-killers”.“The persons,participing in this anti-latvian campaign,knowingly,HAVE FOLLOVED THE SECRET BOLCHEVIC INSTRUCTIONS AS TO DEFAMATION OF THOSE DISPLACED PERSONS WHO NETWITHSTANDING ALL SEVJETSATTOMPS AND PRESSURE HAVE “CHOSEN LIBERTY”AND REFUSED TO RETURN HOME-TO THEIR OCCUPIED COUNTRIES. “Soviet power is interested,by all possible means ,to prevent displaced persons from leaving Germany,hoping in a case of emergency to get them into their hands.Soviet power is really worried that displaced persons as genuine democracy partisans can turn to be the most active anti-comunists vaccines in countries of immigration.And so Latvians,for instance,have been accused being guilty in crimes perpetuated,in fact,by nazis.These accusations were not raised diring nazi occupation of Latvia in 1941-1944,neither after in 1945,but only later on when sovjets saw that their offerts to get Baltis DPs repatriated have failed. “It is really regrettable that some jewish persons,eventually not being aware of the ruse bolshevic tactics have deliberately served these soviet aims.”

The New York Post reporter David Nussbaum in memo to editor, writes about his impressions ,reflecting upon what he observed in Displaced Persons camps, accuses all refugees ,who fled the Baltic countries, of murdering Jews . “ Latvian Jewish relations “ page 36.

In order to vilify refugees, Jewish news paper The New York Times, writes on January 7, 1949 published “ a list of 33 war criminals” consisting of Latvians, inviting eye witnesses from all over the world to testify about criminals ,who at the present time reside in refugee camps in Germany.

“Latvian Jewish Relation: page 36 writes the following:

“Without any trial ,even without any evidence , as witnesses are still to be provided,33 persons are called “ war criminals”, on page 37 we read:

“There is no doubt, especially after staged processes of Communists and their satellites, that by putting on one of the so-called “War criminals” list of any names; The Soviet agents, will be able to provide so many “evidences” as desired ,against any person.”
Who is Jewish writer Max Kaufman ? In the book “Latvian Jewish Relations “ pages 37 and 48 inform: When after liberation from concentration camp in Germany, (he) returned to Latvia and without difficulty was able to leave the so called ‘Iron Curtain”, a thing no mortal was able to do, without financial difficulties ,he was able to begin publishing his memoirs, and was able to recall in great detail places, dates and numbers, all from memory. Max Kaufmanns published his book “The elimination of Jews in Latvia”. It was prohibited by The United States of America Military Government leaders and therefore does not merit mentioning.

Beginning in March ,1946 , my arrival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was known to Jews. I personally took a young Jewish girls Miriam Kaitzner to a Jewish committee in Sao Cristovam. I do not recall the address .Miriam was taken in by a plain but honest Jewish family called Leiba Chapkovsy.

At that time we found a place to live in Saco de Sao Francisco, Niteroi ,it was a white Polish official property. There I was visited by a several Jews ,who tried to somehow question me about situation in Latvia .One of them was the director of Mesbla store optic department, the other named Kriegger, from the store called “Bazar da Estacao”, openly told me they were communists. (The communist party was legal at that time) .

As I later learned, these two persons informed Jewish organizations in the USA and Germany about my living in Brazil. Many gatherings were called where the main subject was I and the possibility of turning me over to soviet instances , their ambassador was a Latvian Jew called Jacobs Zuritis, formerly a small store owner in Latvia.

Later on Mr.Zuritis was visited by “Society of Israelites” from Sao Paulo ,Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. They were unpleasantly surprised in their feelings when Mr.Zuritis told them not to create hate, that the world is full of criminals like Herberts Cukurs .

Newspaper “Vanguarda” in Rio de Janeiro August 18, 1950 issue writes:

“Criminal whom Russia did not like to be in repatriation”.

At this happening in regards to a war criminal, who at the present time is renting out pedal bouts.

Herberts Cukurs did not arrive in Brazil yesterday, but has been here since 1946. Knowing of this unwanted person in our country, teacher Hanff from Sao Paulo, got in touch with the Soviet ambassador and presented him with a proposition for a request from Moskaw government to deport (Cukurs). Since Cukurs was born in Latvia , which in the past and now is considered Soviet territory, and since horrible atrocities were performed in Riga by this terrible person ,in this case Russia has the right to ask for extradition of a person who has escaped Nurnberg (trials).

Ambassador Jacob Zuritis refused to comply with such proposition by joint Jewish organizations in Sao Paulo. He stated:” The world is full of war criminals such as Cukurs, and it is best not to raise this question “. And this terrible person continues to be here.

Now,when Cukurs can not be extradited because Brazil has ceased diplomatic ties to Russia, nor can we proceed with this process ,we have also not signed contra genocide convention , the communist sector from the side of Jewish midst, are using this occasion to inflame feelings in naive folks, they organize among themselves trials to find (Cukurs) guilty and naive folks with hightened emotions go and destroy property.

Today, when part of the press seriously condemned such behavior, the reds exhibit great joy that even artificially,it has been proven that in Brazil there exists a climate of anti semitism.

We can be sure that when gathering at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas , no one mentioned Russias responsibility for not having tried Herberts Cukurs”.

In order for me to come to Brazil without money, I had to sell my car, trailer and other things, which we had with us, in order to pay naval company YBARRA the fare for my family in steerage.

Jewish girl’s Miriam’s fare was paid by a Jewish organization in Paris. She wanted to travel with the Cukurs family, who risked their own lives to save her.

We arrived in Brazil with just a few dollars in our pockets. In order to augment this sum, I had to sell the only valuable thing I still owned , my “Leika” photo camera. This camera was given to me by the Leika factory owner with inscription: “To Herberts Cukurs ,most famous pilot and journalist from Latvia”. The camera was sold to Mesbla for 8,500.00 cruzeiros with the help of my best friend Bojask.

With this money I was able to start a new life in a land where I was unable to speak the language, mode of life and climate was different, but its people accepted us with friendship, help and with open hearts.

Residents from Niteroi, Urca and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (lake), the most picturesque place in the world ,can testify about hardships we encountered and conquered until from a few pedal boats we grew to own a 36 pleasure boat flotilla of different sizes under the great Brazilian , now deceased ,Admiral Valdemar da Mota’s knowledge and protection.

Our tourism center became known in all of America. Articles appeared in magazines. When in June 24th, 1950 , the “O Cruzeiro” published a five page article praising our work, it was too much for our enemies.

In the last days of June after midnight “artists” appeared with large brushes and black paint, they smeared our boats and even on the walk way they painted swasticas ,in this way creating dishonor (for me) as a killer and nazi. One of these painters painted a swastica on my 66 year old mother in law’s face, who had awakened from the noise made by the attackers.

Accusations by the press followed the next day, and continued without abatement for a year and a half.

I was accused of terrible crimes end deeds. As long as the world exists never has one been accused of such deeds as I was. I will not repeat them because they have been known for ten years and are still appearing in the press today. I can only say that the newspaper"Correio da Manhã " has assigned the greates number of people I (supposedly) had killed - ONE MILION.
A united jewish committe did not wait for an answer from the Highest Judiciary Institutions in Brazil, they organized their own trials in Rio de Janeiro, ABI, Niteroi and other places, not inviting me to participate in this strange trial, not permitting me to defend myself. When I expressed my wish to participate of my free will, I was persuaded by the Highest Police Authorities (Ordem Politica e Social)DOPS, not to do so.

Majority of the press was against such trials. Later on, Jews brough about the fact that I was unable to work with my boats.

The Mayor (prefect) of the town, ordered street sweepers to spend three days and nights destroying floating homes; pedal boats were taken to city warehouses, where the joy and recreation with our "fleet" by thousands of people, died.

I was economically destroyed but not morally.

Never, never will I or my family forget the tears streaming down faces of Brazilian women, when our means of sustenance was destroyed. We will never forget the hand shakes and words of sympathy coming from plain folks, the street sweepers who were ordered by the powerful mayor to destroy our property. We had the right to it by the Brazilian costitution.

We will not forget the Municipal police officers , who oversaw de desmantling of the boats,they attempted to prevent boat distruction, they even went to the mayor, wanting to help us, but accomplished nothing.

Now I shall respond to my defamators:

Who were they?

The local committee consisted of:

1 - Brazilian Israeli Center, Interkambio and Culture, CIBIC

2 - Scholem Aleichem Library of Brasil

3 - BIBSA - A youth organization

4 - Peicher Farbans Vite Kemner

5 - Friends of Jewish theater

6 - Lein Kraiz

7 - Club Cabira

8 - Stefan Zweig sports association

9 - Brazilian Jewish Cultural Center

10 - Icuf - Madureira

11 - Youths from Niteroi

12 - Our voice (Musu balss)

13 - Voice (Voz)

All of these organizations were fighting for peace and against antisemitism.

14- Israeli Federal Organization, represented by Dr. Izrael Scolnicov and Dr. Alfred Gartenberg, 1950, Rio de Janeiro.

15 - Israeli Federation Organization represented by Marcos Constantino.

16 - Israeli society federation in São Paulo.

My (so called) major crimes : ISHUV

1 - War criminal number 17 in Nurenberg trials.

2 - Responsible for destroying of the Riga ghetto.

3 - Responsible for killing 30.000 on the nights of november 29 and December 7, 1941.

4- Defaced Jewish cemetery on July 2 , 1941.

5 - Burned down large jewiah synagogue in Riga on Gogol Street on july 4, 1941, where by fire he
burned to death 300 Lithuanian Jews , who were there for protection.

6 - Sterilized and later killed 300 jews in Bauska in july and August of 1941.

7 - At the same time drawned 1.200 Jews in Kuldiga.

8 - Murdered 500 more Jews.

9 - Innumerable times raped and Otherwise morally degraded.

10 - Forced captives to perform sexual acts, of the worst kind, in cold blood killing women who fainted, young persons who shut their eyes and old folks who protested. In the same artice , published in "Correio da manhã" on July 11, 1950, the author of "A womans presence" Ivone Jean, acuses me and asserted that I had been a "Obersturmfuhrer".

Falsehoods have been voiced to Nazi War Crime research committee.

11 - False accusations by David Fiskin.

12 - False accusations by Abram Shapiro.

13 - False accusations by Max Tukacier.

14 - False accusations by Rafael Schub.

15 - False accusations by Solomon Gerstein.

16 - False accusations by Max Kaufmann.

If there is more against me , I have not heard about it.


Point number 1 - I am not war criminal number 17 in Nurenberg Trials.

Pg. 7 of 30.
********Depois do frances.*******
Pages 47,48, 119 and 120 one does not find the name of Herberts Cukurs. It is also not found anywhere else.
Point number 2- I am not responsible for destruction of the Riga ghetto.
Military Tribunal in Nuremberg tome I, page 281 it is written:
Military Tribunal in Nuremberg ,Tome 1, on page 311 it is written:
It is written on page 49 in Max Kaufmann’s book “Churben Lettland”
“That after Germans entered Latvia”, Latvians had no power and they were not even permitted to sing their National Anthem”.
On page 67 it is written: “Gerstapo people Lange, Krauze, Mugge,Kaufmann, Roschmann, Deiberg, Nickel, Jenner and others were responsible for killing Jews. When the Soviets returned they killed general Jekeln together with 6 other generals by hanging them in the Victoria’s square on February 5, 1946 . During the process he confessed to killing all of Latvia’s Jews in Riga.
”Latvian Jewish Relations” page 21. it is written:
“The trial of Nazi war criminals in Riga, 1946, also disclosed the tragedy of local inhabitants of all nationalities -Jews and non Jews in the Baltic countries during the German occupation. (During) this trial, following the war ,criminals were condemned to death, SS Obergruppenfuhrer and General of Police Friedrich Jeckeln, General Lt. Siegfried Ruff, General –Lt. Albrecht Dijon von Monteton,General Major Hans Kupper, General-Major Friedrich Veiler, General –Major Bruno Pavel and SA Standartenfuhrer Aleksander Becking, was published in an officila Soviet edition in Riga in 1946 under the following title:
“Trial of German- facists invaders ,who commited crimes in Soviet Socialistic Republic territories in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia”.
Here are some quotes from the above publication :”The highest chief of police and SS in the Baltic territory Jeckeln was the person who had close relationship with Hitler and Himmler, (he) received direct instructions as to the anihilation of Latvian, Lithuanian , Estonian and other nationals living in the Baltic countries. “
Point number 3:
I am not responsible for killing of 30,000 Jews on the night of November 29 and December 7, 1941.


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